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... WYHIWYD performer

The only group intentionally performing a new musical style WYHIWYD= What You Hear Is What You Deserve


The group was obscured by some mysteries over the time. It is time to demystify it !

The group is one of the really independent groups due to the fact that they are not interested in recording albums and /or performing in front of the public (although they don't refuse to do it now and then). They are just playing and singing what they like and as they like it.

Group short history

Most of the group members played in several groups before, e.g. Jiskra, Samuel, Aqua, Pant, Hrot, just to name a few. The groups were oriented to various musical styles - hard rock, metal, reggae, punk,.... . As the members got married, sooner or later they stopped playing. After couple of years, they met in a pub and realized that they were missing something - playing a music. So the group was originated. After some discussions over the name of the group. Orlice (the name of the river) was approved.

The group started with drums (Jirka), base guitar (Gejza) and two lead guitars (Jirka and Mirek). Soon, fifth member (Pavel) joined the group as a singer and keyboard player. Later, he changed keyboard for third guitar and a keyboard player (Jarda) joined the group.

At the beginning, the group played music of their hearts - pieces by Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Free, Spooky Tooth just to name a few. The first public performance was in Rio de Jambeiro, together with Samuel group and new group of Ivan Kral (guitarist of Patty Smith and Iggy Pop). Ivan joined Orlice in the beginning of their performance for one song and stayed on the stage for another five pieces, the last one being supported by local blues singer Lubos Chip-chala. The first performance was influenced by a poor sound on the stage so that musicians could hardly hear each other.

Deus ex machina

After that, group performed publicly now and then.  A man behind the group and the sound engineer Vaclav should be mentioned here. On one side, he managed rehearsal room for the group. On the other side, he was a creator of very specific sound of the group during public performances of the group. The sound the audience could hear was so different from what the group was playing so that without hesitating we could call Vaclav a deus ex machina of the group. Actually, his contribution to the new musical style (WYHIWYD) was immense.


Soon after, the group was more and more concentrated on its own expression.

When Pavel joined the group and when he stopped to be shy, he brought three songs which the rest of the group rather modified according to their feelings. The songs has been recorded in the Samuel's studio and as appeared later, they remained the only tracks of the group available by now. Each song was recorded consecutively on two tracks (one with the instruments, second with the vocals)  in two takes and better of each was used. There was no post-processing so that you can hear almost live performance of the group. The sound quality is by far not excellent but it goes well with the group musical style - WYHIWYD.

As it was rather difficult to obtain the recordings for a long time (only few copies existed), some collectors raised its price to unbelievable value. To avoid this, the group decided to publish these songs in MP3 format, here and now.

So, if you want to download the only songs that remained recorded by the group you are on the right place:

On the sleeve of the virtual CD, there are unique pictures of the group not published up to now:


Let's hear what the group members say about themselves:

Our idea was to play music we liked regardless anybody else likes it. Listening to our music is not prohibited but we take no responsibility for any brain damage and / or other injuries. You listen to it on your own risk.

Actually, there is plenty of musicians in the show business now who don't not care about their listeners psychical health. But Orlice is the only one who confess this and does this intentionally..

Concerning the quality of the music, well....

.. certainly substantially higher than all the bullshit you can hear on various satellite musical channels like MT*

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